Sue M. King Ceramics

Handbuilt Masks & Tiles...

Welcome to the online home for my small studio! I create primarily decorative tile and mask forms, using sgraffito and sculpture techniques. The finishes for my pieces can be low fire using underglazes, Raku, or pit firing. They can also be cold finished using acrylics, watercolors, pencils, or pen and ink.

With my background as an illustrator and printmaker, I’m interested in bringing all that to the process of making art in clay.


The themes in my work come from my own fascination with the natural world as well as mythology, folklore and dreams.

All my work is hand molded, formed, carved and painted.

Ten percent of each sale, after taxes, is donated to the ALS Association for their work in helping patients and their families, and for supporting research on this disease. Thank you.