Finding Dreamtime


Size: 9 ¼” x 6 ½”, ready to hang.


“Finding Dreamtime” is not ceramic art, but the idea for it did originate from a ceramic mask I did some years ago, which was heavily beaded. This piece is based upon my meditations on our connection to nature and the cosmos. I decided to focus on the four elements: Air (the cosmos and sky), water (the ocean), earth (the sand, then green fields studded with flowers), and fire (the swirling of reds and bronzes as we move under the land to the molten core of our planet).

The base is sculptural mesh on a heavy duty wire frame, covered with several layers of cloth maché. Once hardened, I filled an extruder (a syringe used to give kittens medicine) with liquid acrylic gel medium, using that to create channels to give the seed beads something to sit against as I worked. Then painted the surface with acrylics to establish a base color. Every element was set in place by hand using beading tweezers with Weldbond® adhesive. The surface is finished with glass beads, freshwater pearls, garnet beads, jasper cabochons, and fire opal cabochons (manmade).

It took 7 years total to complete this mask, though I didn’t work on it continuously during that time. There were several crises of confidence which caused me to put it away for lengthy periods. It took a mutual challenge from another artist, also facing a crisis of confidence with an installation she was working on, to get this finished. Sometimes you need that kick in the rear.

Size: 9 ¼” x 6 ½” ready for hanging.

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