Green Woman


One of the reoccurring themes of my work is the sacred Feminine. “Green Woman” relates to the flow of the seasons, growth, and fecundity. This piece is one exploration of this concept. I have it in my mind to create more as I delve deeper.

The mask was made using a white stoneware, Standard 181, slab rolled and pressed into a plaster face mold. As the form reached leather hard, the eyes, vines and leaves were carved into the surface. The form was bisque fired, then painted in Amaco Blue Green Velvet underglaze. Detailing of the vines and leaves were painted using Amaco semi-moist underglazes. The leaves at the top of the mask are in spring’s newborn colors; the leaves on the sides are the deeper hues of summer, and at the bottom, the colors of fall. The mask is finished using a water-based ceramic sealant.

Size: 7” x 5 ⅜”