The Skin I Wear


Size: 7” x 5 ⅜”, ready to hang.


“The Skin I Wear”

Being fully human is a messy business, even at its best. Being waylaid by an accident got me thinking a lot about what happens to our bodies as we age, especially when old injuries remind us that we’ve changed over time.

This is a rough, raw work. The surface is worn, cracked and torn in places. The form was low fire bisqued at Cone 018, roughly 1,353°F. It was finished using a technique called pit firing. The pit was an old metal drum, with work stacked among pieces of wood, twigs and sawdust for the burn pile. Coarse salt and minerals were added for coloration. Light it up, then chance, fire and smoke make whatever they wish.

The eyes were rendered using colored pencils. Marble polish was rubbed into the surface. What surprised me upon completing this mask was how calm her expression, even through the wear and tear of making and the firing process. A lot of the art I do has a fair amount of careful control, harking back to my days as a science illustrator. But there’s an abstract side to me as well. I love pit fire for the surprises it brings to my work.

Size: 7” x 5 ⅜”, ready to hang.

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