Untitled Mask


On the theme of funerary masks, this was the second mask I made and the first time I combined clay with my background in bead and wirework as a jewelry designer. Made from a stoneware clay slab, pressed into a plaster face mold, then smoothed and lightly carved. The finish was created by mixing soft pastels with marble polish and rubbing that into the surface after the form was bisqued. I used watercolor to accentuate the carving. Several semi-precious beads were used for the embellishments: moonstone, malachite, jasper, carnelian and clear quartz, plus glass seed beads. Copper finish wire spirals were also added.

It’s fun looking at these old pieces again – seeing the decisions I made then and thinking about the changes I would make now. This piece was submitted for an auction supporting a feline rescue I worked with some years back. I’m happy to know that it went to a good home, and the monies helped rescue more cats and kittens from horrible situations. That’s what I call a win-win.